BUCOY POBLADOR & ASSOCIATES (BPA) led the way in thinking globally 50 years ago, and leading the way again to meet the challenges of a fast-changing global economy.

Our full-service firm advises or represents clients in the Philippines and 35 other countries around the world, putting our lawyers on the cutting edge of expertise in different cultures and legal terrains. We have made sure that they are well-equipped to effectively handle litigation and transactional matters for our clients by providing the electronic infrastructure and the technical staff that they need in real time.

We recognize our ethical and professional responsibility to our clients, the courts and the public. Our lawyers have known this through their constant interaction with each other and with the community at large, including professional organizations.

BPA provides counseling as well as representation in Dispute Resolution, Taxation, Banking and Finance, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property as well as Family Law and Estate Planning. On Dispute Resolution, the Firm has represented present and past Presidents of the Republic of the Philippines and other prominent personalities in high-profile cases. Furthermore, the Firm is licensed to practice legislative representation in the Philippines including in the deliberation of special laws. We have expertise in such diverse matters as Trial and Appellate Litigation, Labor, Criminal and Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, Insurance, and Civil Law.

On Intellectual Property matters, the Firm extends assistance in negotiations as well as in preparation of agreements on licensing and transfer of technology and other related contracts. The Firm prepares applications to obtain Letters of Patent, Trademark Registrations, Copyrights, and License Agreements. It guides these applications through appropriate government agencies in the Philippines and through our branch offices in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and Don Mills, Ontario, Canada.

To be able to give more depth and speed to our Intellectual Property service, the Firm has a complement of chemical/mechanical/electrical engineers and computer systems professionals. With an IBM minicomputer host, and distributed processing for peripheral applications, all operational areas of the Firm are automated for optimum service delivery.

The Firm currently has the most comprehensive electronic database of patents and trademarks issued in the Philippines since 1969, available exclusively to our clients.

BPA has also taken care to give the most comfortable surroundings to clients who would choose to conduct their business with us personally. Our cutting-edge filing system also makes it easy for us to deal with questions from our clients speedily.


Then and now, the Firm has completely understood the challenge of acting in a global village. From the courtroom to the boardroom, pioneer Firm Members had been able to distinguish themselves in the field of litigation, tax, labor, and corporate law since the Firm started in the early Thirties. Founding partners of the predecessor Firm were Honorio Umali Poblador, Don Quintin Bavila Paredes, Jose Yulo and Felipe Buencamino. Horacio Umali Poblador subsequently joined the Firm as Of Counsel.

The Firm further evolved and branched out to intellectual property practice as it merged first with Charles T. Balcoff in 1951 and then with Julian Wolfson in 1960. Other Firm Members who distinguished themselves in their respective specializations were Deogracias T. Reyes, in 1961, and Faustino Reis and Pompeio Diaz, in 1946. At this time, the Firm already represented clients worldwide.

We remain committed to the traditions of client service, professional development, and deep knowledge instilled by our leaders of the past, while embracing the innovations driving the legal profession in the 21st century. Integrity, excellence and commitment to total service have been the Firm’s guiding principles from the very beginning. With the advent of modern technology, we acted promptly to make sure that our people, our processes, and our technology are aligned to be able to transcend all kinds of problems at the least possible cost and time to our clients.

With the depth and scope of its services, the Firm has developed the ability to anticipate obstacles, create opportunities and prevent it from being undone.

Horacio U. Poblador
Honorio U. Poblador
Don Quintin Paredes
Pompeio Diaz
Julian A. Wolfson
Faustino A. Reis
Cipriano Azada
Charles T. Balcoff
Rustico V. Nazareno