- Intellectual Property (Patent Consultants)
- Dispute Resolution
- Taxation
- Corporate
- Banking and Finance
- Family Law and Estate Planning

BPA has built its reputation on the quality and character of its lawyers, past and present, many of whom are members of reputable associations in the international legal arena. Among the notable members of the Firm are the following lawyers.

Leading the complement is Managing Partner Atty. Antonio Z. Bucoy, whose practice areas are corporate and tax; trial and appellate litigation; and intellectual property. Atty. Bucoy’s litigation skill has seen him represent clients in high-profile cases and give legal advice to present and previous Presidents of the Philippines. He is also a member of the American Intellectual Property Lawyers Association and the American Society of International Law, among a number of prestigious professional organizations.

Atty. Luis M. Duka Jr. has made use of his long experience in government service from the Bureau of Patents to the Department of Finance to provide depth and scope to the Firm’s service. Atty. Duka’s lobbying skills and knowledge of the workings of Congress enabled our clients to get prompt information and action necessary for their business.

Atty. Amando G. Miclat mixes his expertise on intellectual property with labor and immigration laws. Atty. Miclat’s activist point of view has seen expression in his choice to practice in public interest and human rights, topics that are close to his heart.

Atty. Gilbert Mario A. de la Cruz, who is also a professional accountant, has gained deep experience working as a corporate secretary and tax lawyer for large foreign firms. He is also an immigration lawyer and worked as an auditor for SyCip, Gorres & Velayo. Apart from corporate, taxation and immigration laws, Atty. De La Cruz also practices intellectual property; technology transfers; and litigation.

Work experience is also the strongest asset of Atty. Filemon G. Fernandez III, has worked as legal and corporate officer for a steel conglomerate and as assistant vice president for corporate affairs for Nestle Philippines. Atty. Fernandez also worked as a technical assistant for the Civil Service Commissioner. His expertises are intellectual property and corporate laws.

Atty. Erwin B. Fernandez is a member of patent and trademark associations in the Philippines and abroad. His practice areas are intellectual property, banking and finance, and corporate law litigation.

Atty. Bernard G. Flores has worked as a trainer for Insular Life Assurance Company and as an instructor at the Lyceum of the Philippines. Atty. Flores’ expertise includes intellectual property, estate planning, insurance, civil law (family law), and corporate.

Most of BPA’s lawyers graduated from the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila and San Beda College, three of the country’s top law schools. The range of their experience and expertise shows deep awareness and commitment to the practice of law as serving not only the interest of business but also of humanity, qualities that are now being recognized as essential to global thinking. Our lawyers continue to create the strong foundation on which the Firm continues to build.